Historical Society of Quincy & Adams County

The Historical Society of Quincy & Adams Countly mission is to provide for the education of its members and other local residents about the history of Quincy, Adams County, and the surrounding area. The society is committed to the collection and preservation of documents and other physical objects related to local history. Preserving and maintaining the governor John Wood Mansion as a historic and architectural structure is a key priority of the Society. The Society continues to develop new programs and expand its facilities, as well as create interest and community involvement in local history. We welcome your input and assistance in meeting the Society’s mission.

General Admission :  Adult $8;  Kids (8-12) and Students (under 18) $4
Our General Admission is an hour guided tour and includes the John Wood Mansion and the Lincoln Gallery)
History Museum :  Adult $3;  Kids (8-12) and Students (under 18) $1.50
Site Pass to all 3 venues:  Adult $10:  Kids and Students: $5.50

Historical Society of Quincy & Adams County

425 South 12th Street

Quincy, IL 62301